Domestic fencing: ‘Good fences make good neighbours’ is an old 17th century proverb, implying that a good fence creates a boundary between you and your neighbour which allows each person to create their own private realm on which no one

What is an electric fence: An electric fence is a wire barrier that uses electric shocks to prevent people or animals from crossing a certain boundary. The voltage of the shock may have effects ranging from discomfort, to pain and it could even be l

Game fencing G & L Fencing supplies and constructs top quality game and security electric fencing systems in South Africa and the neighbouring states. We are suppliers of a large range of fencing materials in steel, wire and fencing electrificat

Industrial security fencing: G & L Fencing specialise in the design, installation and maintenance of Industrial security fencing and gates, both manual and automatic. We have a large range of fencing designs for your industrial site from which t

Palisade fencing: Palisade fencing is a very popular choice due to its cost effectiveness as this type of fencing does not come with the cost of concrete walls or the time commitment of maintaining wooden fences. With so many palisade fencing design

Wire fencing: Wire fencing is available in single skin and double skin with 3-5-8 and 3-5-10 apertures. G & L Fencing supply and erect wire fencing for: 1. Domestic fencing 2. Commercial, medium, high and ultra-high security fencing 3. Agricu

Security gates: G & L Fencing manufactures and installs any type of security gates from standard sliding gates, swing gates and special designs to match your requirements that will operate in all kinds of terrain and conditions. Additionally all